Data Sciences & AI Machine Learning

We divulge breakthrough indicators from your data

Are you completely lost in the plethora of inaccurate low-performance reasons and predictions formulated by the unstructured data? Our team of experts can assist you in implementation of all those latest analytical strategies that can lead you to the heart of how organizations make powerful data-driven decisions and empower their management.
Connect, Analyze and Visualize your Data in Minutes

Our modern-day superheroes, data scientists unlock the true potential of your business by digging out effective actionable insights from your already existing raw data. No matter at which stage your business needs us, our services are formulated and designed to embed useful data analytics strategies in your business. We will help mitigate risks, generate revenues, and drive smart investment decisions that will enhance customer satisfaction.

  1. Want to have an efficient data recorder for key information of your business?  
  2. Want to extract the right information from loads of data available?
  3. Want to embed analytics deep into your data to predict and mitigate future risks?
  4. Want to grow your business by revealing the hidden potential of your data?
We design predictive solutions for you to take the right actions

Our team of Data Scientists offer consultation, development, and support services to technology-savvy as well as digital non-natives organizations in order for them to adopt the right path for automating their lengthy processes and developing a competitive advantage. We aim to meet all the analytics needs of our clients by incorporating a complete range of sophisticated methodologies including Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning.

 Our Effective Action Plan for Using Data to Explore Opportunities

Data Audit

Our dedicated team analyzes and assesses every available operational data source and collection. By keeping close coordination with our clients, we devise productive data evolution strategies and interactive dashboards that not only remove flaws and gaps from the data but also provide complete business insights based on your critical KPIs. It enables you to

  • Identify frauds and risks
  • Visualize data through interactive custom dashboard
  • Generate ad-hoc reports by setting your choice of security parameters
  • Track and identify important performance parameters
Data Modeling and Cleaning

To avoid data failure, every bit of information of a business must have a framework in place to develop a complete end-to-end data pipeline. Our data engineers pick the right statistical nodes from the bank of raw data, refine them, and feed them into a system that fits your business needs. End result is monetization and increase in the worth of your data assets through strong foundations of appropriate data banks and models.

  •    Perform Extract, Transform and Load to the pool of available data
  • Design and develop data models

  • Organize unstructured data into structured end-to-end pipelines

  • Creates a pool of refined, result-driven, and authentic data

Data Sciences

Let’s not ignore the importance of the implementation of data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on historical data to develop productive results-driven models.

These data science methodologies help you to plan ahead of time by getting actual insights out of gigabytes of data of your business that ultimately improves the institution’s performance and increases profitability.

  • Models unstructured data

  • Identify appropriate data mining strategies

  •  Develop AI and Machine Learning Models

  • Prepare, maintain and refine models

Data Strategy

Let our seasoned consultants devise a quantifiable purpose-built data model that guarantees profitable high-level goal achievement of your business. We believe in delighting our clients by delivering a high-level course of action based on the business goals helping them to flourish in the present and future.

  • Growth Strategies

  • Well-developed Data Strategy

  • Management of torrents of business-critical data

 Our Effective Action Plan for Using Data to Explore Opportunities

Machine Learning

Have an edge on your competitors by implementing the powerful capabilities of Machine Learning and start reaping its benefits. Choose Ecologix to get the most out of your Machine Learning endeavor. We take care of every aspect, from delivering high-quality data preparation to providing support consultations that help in expanding your Machine Learning capabilities for accommodating growing data needs. We have vast experience in implementing a variety of  ML models including Bayesian, SVM,  Association rule mining, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Naive Bayes, kNN, K-Means, Random Forest, and Dimensionality Reduction to find the required patterns of the client’s dataset.

AI Model development, Automation, and Transformation

Ecologix’s dedicated team helps their clients in breaking silos within their current business by suggesting them to adopt a unique approach of combining AI with data, analytics, and automation to transform every function and process of their business. It enables you to capture new opportunities and helps in creating more agile and adaptive processes.

Big Data Solutions

Don’t underestimate the power of your business unstructured data. With us, harness the power of big data analytics into your business raw data and have relevant insights with guaranteed unprecedented speed and accuracy.

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